How to Prepare for a Startup Event Attendance

How to Prepare for a Startup Event Attendance

Understanding the intricacies of event participation goes beyond mere travel and accommodation arrangements. To optimize your experience at a substantial startup gathering, crafting a strategic approach is imperative. Employ the ensuing suggestions to ensure a fruitful and interconnected outcome from the event.

Define Your Objectives

Whether you aim to forge potential partnerships, attract customers, or scout for new team members, each goal necessitates distinct preparations. Tailor your exhibition, interpersonal approaches, and accompanying materials to align with your needs. For instance, if recruiting is your focus, highlighting team culture, work environment, and employee benefits in conversations becomes pivotal. Conversely, when seeking investors, emphasize your team’s expertise, ongoing projects, and current funding status. To attract the right networking prospects, reflect on the information significant to them, actively seeking opportunities to engage with such individuals.

Do Your Homework

Following your defined objectives, you should ideally tailor your messaging toward the respective target groups. Try to research where the investors you have an interest for keep their preferences – which industry verticals, stage, geography, etc. If you are aiming at strategic partnerships, look for complementary strategy orientation of potential target companies, and their product portfolio in terms of potentially beneficial add-ons, complementary technologies, and know-how. If your goal is to seek support from accelerators, come prepared with some insight into their programs. It always helps to throw in some personal touch into the mix, by researching about persons who will be attending and preparing a personal approach.

Digitize Your Networking

The era of relying solely on business cards for networking has waned. Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date, anticipating connections through the platform. With the app on your smartphone, seize flexibility, as meaningful contacts might emerge even during routine activities like waiting in line for coffee.

Many startup events introduce dedicated event apps as the date approaches, featuring attendee lists, agendas, and pre-event guest communication. Leverage this platform to engage with interesting individuals, scheduling a few meetings beforehand to ensure connecting with the right people. However, refrain from overcrowding your calendar, preserving the chance for spontaneous interactions at the event. Raiselink’s state-of-the-art platform helps in that sense, as it includes the feature of event organizers inviting startups and other attendees through our system.

Participate in Evening and Side Events

While the main event consumes most of your time, networking opportunities extend beyond the main halls. Evening events, often open to all attendees, provide relaxed atmospheres with food and drinks, fostering continued networking. Notably, some events offer additional networking opportunities in bars and other casual settings. Embrace these occasions to enhance your overall networking experience.