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The RAISELINK Matching Process

Our platform links ecosystem partners and startups

Personalized Profiles

RaiseLink's personalized, predictive, and proactive platform asks investors and anyone sourcing and screening startups to answer specific questions. A quick application process is shared with multiple investors and ecosystem partners who match your profile.

Quantitative and qualitative data from your answers create personalized profiles leading to unique matchmaking.

Personalized Matching

Our platform makes your startup instantly visible to all ecosystem partners on our platform who are seeking an investment or network expansion opportunity.

One application is all that is needed for an investor, corporation, accelerator/incubator, event organizer, and anyone else using the RaiseLink platform to seek and screen startups.

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Expand your Network

Our unique, intelligent algorithm helps you find the right investors and ecosystem partners who can help move your business forward. We build bridges today, so you are ready for the next step tomorrow.

Speed up your Hunt for Funding

RaiseLink's revolutionary matching platform starts with our RaiseLink Startup Profile Builder. It provides you with an instant visibility to all investors and corporations on our platform who create personalized profiles and filters to find exactly You !


Reasons Startups are going with RaiseLink

A quick application process is shared with multiple investors who match your profile. Finding the right investor is more than attending pitch competitions, filling out endless applications, and emailing pitch decks.

Our personalized, predictive, and proactive platform asks investors to answer very specific questions. We do this so that matches are made based on both the startup's and investor's criteria.


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RaiseLink provides all the ecosystem participants a space to inform, connect, collaborate, exchange knowledge and expand their network.