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RaiseLink is perfect for Corporate Accelerators, Incubators, and Venture teams.


Raiselink Enterprise Solution

Our platform links ecosystem partners and startups

Personalized Profiles

Companies use RaiseLink in many areas of their business. Corporate Venture and company accelerators/incubators are obvious. However, companies also use RaiseLink for community engagement to help target funds and resources to entrepreneurs and to spin-off internal IP and initiatives.

RaiseLink’s personalized, predictive, and proactive Profile Builder analyzes your startup engagement criteria. The RaiseLink algorithm then correlates startups based on your unique inputs, conducting the initial screening step for you.

Quantitative and qualitative data from your answers create personalized profiles leading to unique matchmaking.


Personalized Matching

Our proprietary, in-house developed process reduces initial pitch deck screening to seconds. RaiseLink's standardized 1-Page Executive Summary, pipeline management, and scoring system speeds up the following stages in the review process, eliminating manual processes and reducing costs.

Whether you wish to invest, establish strategic partnerships or simply, drive innovation, RaiseLink's tailored - made matching system helps you partner with innovative, fast-moving startups.

One account profile is all that is needed for a corporation to start seeking and screening strategic partnerships or corporate development opportunities among new, promising startups.

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RaiseLink provides all the ecosystem participants a space to inform, connect, collaborate, exchange knowledge and expand their network.