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Your application to demo day tool. Spend time where it matters most, helping your startups succeed. In 2023, the Florida Business Incubator Association found that you spend 39% less time helping startups.


Raiselink Enterprise Solution

Our platform links ecosystem partners and startups

Automate the Application Management Process

RaiseLink automizes the application process so you can focus on startups that meet your acceptance criteria. Complete your personalized profile builder and access startups in your predictive and proactive inbox. An integrated pipeline facilitates tracking startups through the acceptance process and the auto-generated executive summary facilitates committee reviews.


Rank Top Prospects for Success in Your Program

RaiseLink streamlines the startup journey from application to pitch/demo event, making your role more efficient and aiding startups in becoming investment-ready. The platform initiates pitch training during the application process, guiding startups through key investor data. Exclusive insights help refine startup positioning, significantly saving time for your team in reviewing and selecting startups. On Pitch Day, attendees access their own RaiseLink, pre-loaded with showcased startups, facilitating more focused and efficient investment conversations. One platform, no Excel required.

Find new
and connect

RaiseLink provides all the ecosystem participants a space to inform, connect, collaborate, exchange knowledge and expand their network.